Approaching the Job Market Assessment


Before even thinking of what job you should have, you need to understand yourself – who you are, what makes you tick, what your strongest personal attributes and preferences are. An alignment between your values and personal strengths, results in satisfying and enriching work.

We choose our career path for many different reasons: because of our parents’ encouragement; because it is a successful occupation; or for the financial reward (to name just a few). In order to effectively plan your career, you need to be clear on what is important to you, your values and what you are good at, your attributes. Both values and attributes should guide your career development. Preparing Yourself to Approach the Marketplace will help you take inventory of your life and what is really important, and where your strength and interest lie.

By assessing your accomplishments, skills, strengths and weakness you will be able to see a link between what it is that you value, what you are good at, and where the “juice” is for you – all things that you need for a success career or turn into a new career.

To understand what works for YOU, you are invited to take the Preparing Yourself to Approach the Job Market Assessment.  Gaining clarity on your values and personal characteristics is crucial to pursuing a career path that will not only invigorate you, but also quench your thirst for something more.

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