Self Esteem Doesn’t Come In A Bottle with Kelly Falardeau

Join us for an hour to learn how a burn survivor who constantly struggled with rejection, staring and teasing burst through all the negativity in her life to succeed.

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Life Lessons from Motivational Speaker and Author, Rob Oliver

Rob Oliver says good or bad…it’s all in how you look at things. The average person generates 25,000 to 50,000 thoughts per day. What are the majorities of your thoughts – positive or negative? [Read more…]

Can Employees Be Motivated by Reduced Supervision?

One of the biggest challenges facing managers is how to keep their employees motivated to work hard and efficiently. Unmotivated employees are not desirable in the workplace because they don’t perform properly on their jobs, which means lost productivity for the company. The first instinct of a supervisor is usually to decide to supervise these employees on a more personal level so that their mistakes can be corrected before they result to any bigger problems for the organization. The question is this: Is it possible to motivate employees by reducing supervision on them? [Read more…]

How to Become More Powerful In Less Than A Minute!

Join us for an informative hour with our special guest, Stacey Hall CEO and Founder of The Hall Institute of Intuitive Wellness. Stacey saves the lives of people who are stressed to the snapping point by providing coaching, products and tools to help you love your life more fully, feel in control more completely, improve your relationships more deeply, and experience more joy and success in achieving your goals. [Read more…]

How Managers May Promote Gender Diversity in the Workplace

Let’s face it; gender diversity in the workplace is still a remote concept in some industries. This is particularly true when it comes to choosing people for management roles in big companies. But it is important that businesses realize the importance of diversity because it is the diverse groups that tend to be more productive than the homogenous groups. Naturally, both genders are resistant to this type of diversification within the workplace, thus, your role as the manager is vital to making the transition go smoothly. Here’s what you should do: [Read more…]

Gracefully Eating Your Business Lunch

by Adeodata Czink

Last month, we looked at the set-up of a successful business lunch: when to arrive, where to sit, and how to order and pay. This month we explore how to actually consume your meal with grace and elegance. [Read more…]

What Companies Are Looking for in a Job Candidate

Every job seeker has to have a particular job hunting strategy that will help them overcome the challenges that come with searching for a job. Using the right combination of techniques, you can rest assured that your job application will be on the top of employers’ lists. Among the many aspects of any job search strategy, there is one that you have to take very seriously, and that is to prove to your potential employers that you are the best fit for the position. So what is it exactly that hiring managers are looking for in a job candidate? [Read more…]

The Good Side of Organizational Mentoring Programs

At first glance, it is easy to recognize the benefits of mentoring programs to employees. Basically, with a mentor, it becomes easier for employees to figure out the right things to do because they are exposed to senior employees who know how to do things right. As a result, employees become more effective and satisfied at work. While the benefits of mentoring to workers are obvious, what can it do to the organization as a whole? [Read more…]

Who Deserves to Be Promoted?

Looking for the right employees to promote to a higher position in the company is one of the most challenging tasks leaders should do. Of course, your company wants to develop and promote only those employees who are likely to flourish and be successful in leadership positions. Below you will find a checklist that you can refer to when choosing employees for promotion. [Read more…]

How Ready Are You to Run Your Own Business?

You see many of your colleagues jumping into entrepreneurship and decided that it’s time you started your own small business as well. Great thinking there! But as you go on planning your business, you must be finding that running a business isn’t as easy as you expected. If you are just considering the idea of being an entrepreneur as an alternative to being an employee, or perhaps you feel this path will give you more financial security, then you should know first if you really have what it takes to successfully run a business.

Answering these questions will help you decide if the entrepreneurial route is what you must pursue. [Read more…]