Athletes hire a coach to show them their full potential.  Have you ever thought of hiring a Career Coach to show you your full career potential?  These people did!



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Cosmic Coaching Centre Resumes

Stellar work as always Ana! I kept staring at my resume wondering who is this guy? I want to hire him now! And then realizing, hey, I’m that guy. Thank you so much.

John, Investigation & Security Co-ordinator (Ireland)

I didn’t think I had another to offer a potential corporate company, my experience thus far has been blue-collar type positions. You showed me, the transferable skills that I had to offer and we developed my resume to do those skills justice and acknowledge my willingness to learn in a corporate environment. I just got in from signing an employment contract at one of the top finance companies in Canada. Much blessings

Howard, Financial Administrator (Oakville, Canada)

Great resume! Great Turnaround! Great Job Search! Using your top notch resume and job search tips! I got the job!!

Russell, Fleet Operator (Kitchener, Canada)

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Cosmic Coaching Centre Presentations by Ana Paret

Your Viva La Diva presentation was high energy, fun and had such a positive message. I look forward to seeing you live again!

Phyllis, Administrative Assistant (Burlington, Canada)

The stage lit right up from the moment you took that Kiss My Tiara Stage. You rocked that microphone and inspired the crowd, and inspired me.

Beepa, MD, (Cambridge, Canada)

Amazing Diva presentation! You gave us permission to be ourselves and just go with the flow! I intend to live up to my Divaness!

Melanie, Teacher (Georgetown, Canada)

I attended your full day Leadership presentation and was blown away by how quickly the day flew by. It was informative, interactive and entertaining. I learned so much. Sign me up for your next presentation pronto!

Stephen, Marketing Director (Vaughan, Canada)

What people are saying about…

Cosmic Coaching Centre Coaching Sessions

I walked away from our session, ready to take on the world. For the first time in a long time, I now know what I have to offer a company in today’s job market. I will be studying my notes from our interview coaching session earlier and acing tomorrow’s job interview.

Lena, Payroll Administrator (Vancouver, B.C.)

(PS – 2 weeks later, “Ana, I’m doing the happy dance…I got the job! Thank you so much!”)

Your ‘take it or leave it’ way of getting to the truth of the matter, is both unnerving and exciting. It’s a bulls-eye every time we sit down and talk. Being honest and being kind are two of your greatest qualities.

Victoria, College Administrator (London, England)

I’ve been sitting here waiting for our coaching phone session, with paper and pen on the ready. I feel like I’m waiting for Anthony Robbins. Looking forward to next week!

Nelly, Owner of Simply You by Nelly (Cambridge, Canada)

Ana, thank you! You are an amazing listener, open, and friendly. Your energy and aura are amazing and allows people to feel at ease with you and with themselves. I learned so much about myself during our coaching sessions. I always look forward to the next session with you.

Susan, Financial Analyst (Toronto, Canada)

Being in today’s job market is scary enough, and I was making a career change in the middle of a recession. We developed an action plan to get there. And here I am 8 months later, working at my dream job. I didn’t think it was possible. But, with your help, it was. Thank you so much

Michelle, Interior Designer (Boston, United States)

I secured an articling position for the 2011-2012 articling term!!

I ended up securing interviews with some big firms, but at the end of the day, I’ll be with a civil litigation firm of about 35 lawyers called Bell Temple.  They do some medical malpractice, professional discipline, insurance defence work.  I’ll be exposed to class-action suits and will have carriage of my own files from the get go.

I truly think I landed in a good place.

Thanks for all the wonderful resume tips that I’m sure helped get my application picked from the pile.  There were over 200 applicants!! YIKES

Janelle B., Articling Student

Hi Cecile,

Thank you once again for your support over the last few months. Your guidance and advice has not only seen me through difficult times but has well-positioned me to move forward with confidence.

Much love,


Journey of Self-Discovery


Coaching refreshes your perspective; renews your vitality; strengthens your confidence; gives clarity through research and self-discovery, and revitalizes your identity and personality.  All of these qualities will make you a strong self-advocate.


You find yourself accomplishing goals in ways you did not expect and in places you have never been before.  Independence is an asset while seeking out what you need to accomplish your goals.  Learning to express your needs through clear communication with employers, educators, family or friends gives them a clearer picture of who you are and what you require to succeed.  A dynamic coach teaches you to go out into the world and seek out your dreams and passions with vigorous determination.

Dynamic Coach

Cecile is fun, professional, patient, influential and attentive to your needs while affecting you with her contagious smile and upbeat personality.

Cecile teaches, coaches, guides, listens, deciphers, gives direction and ideas and lets you sit on them.  She gives you the knowledge and skills.  She shares her wisdom and experience to show you that you are both on a journey together.

She delves into your strengths and weaknesses but allows you time to experience or trial her ideas.  She coaches you to merge her ideas, with your own, based on experiences and research.

Eventually you realize that you are companions on a similar journey; a journey of self-discovery.

Randy N., Artist, Author, Teacher

I began working with Cecile in the lowest years of my life.  I’d been victimized in my work, and I was angry, discouraged, negative, and anxious about my future.  Cecile worked with me where I was.  She took the time to get to know me and to understand my values.  Patiently, she helped me find my own strength.  She challenged me to remain positive and helped me think outside my own box.  She helped me to be true to myself.

Now, four years later, I have achieved the career goal I’d been working toward for the past 20 years and was ordained as a minister in the church.  Cecile traveled all the way to Virginia, USA to attend my service.  When I met her in person for the first time that day, I was impressed that her outside so well suited her inside; she was as radiant and inspiring in her person and demeanor, as she is in her character.

I continue to work with Cecile.  I consider our meetings to be one of the best investments I make in both my career and my personal life.  She helps me press on in my journey of becoming the person I am made to be.

Katherine N.

I just received my 4th job offer since working with Cecile Peterkin.  She has successfully coached me through 4 professional career moves.  Each move more progressive than the previous.  Her no-nonsense, no-excuses approach to coaching energizes you to move towards your career goals and accomplish what you want out of life.  I feel very privileged that Cecile has shared her expertise with me over the years to help me succeed in the corporate world.  She is truly a Master Career Coach

Maxine Shrouder, Training & Development Specialist

Hi Cecile,

It was so great talking with you today!  I learned so much!

In a nutshell,

You have facilitated my happiness!   I see so much about my WHAT constituted my fears that no one ever saw before–and that was with a good amount of coaching experience under my belt.  You were so straightforward, helping me see what I wasn’t seeing.  You helped me see how old ideas that I’ve carried since my 20’s completely don’t apply anymore–so liberating!

Thank you so much for the gift of your wisdom, intuition and experience!



Hello Cecile,

I want you to know that following your advice is helping me move faster in my career path, soon I will get more time to communicate with you.


Your unknown friend from Ghana.(Michael)


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