Success Uncomplicated – How to make Impossible, Possible

Join us on Up Your Game Radio with our guest Rasool Verjee, Coach, Speaker, and Author of Success Uncomplicated

Rasool will give us a fresh take on success defined and achieved.   How to make the impossible, possible!

“Rasool Verjee recounts his personal journey with success and failure many times over in a truly vulnerable, refreshing narrative that will leave you feeling that no matter how many times you have tried, or how long you have been striving; success is truly possible, and… around the corner.”

Rasool, an opportunistic serial entrepreneur with a depth of experience in telecommunications, technology and an extensive diverse global network.  He is of Indian origin, born in Kampala, Uganda, and educated in the UK.  He holds degrees in Law from Cambridge University.  His career has been marked by successful entrepreneurial endeavors that span the globe.

He has proven track record of delivering high returns on equity from start-up operations as evidenced by Telemagix, Canada’s first interactive Information Service. He was one of the earlier founders of LavaLife Inc, North America’s leading provider of phone and online Dating services.  He is the founder and Chief Miser at MobileMiser Inc., a disruptive service helping consumers reduce their cell phone charges.  His latest ventures are Now Solutions Group and Moshum Picture Company, of which he is the Chief Success Officer.

He has served on various boards and is a Founding Member of the Children’s Circle of Care created by Hilary Clinton to honour individual who donate $50,000 to a Children’s hospital in North America. He presently serves on the board of the Creative Visions Foundation, Hilde Back Education Fund and Story Moja.

Rasool exhibits a passion for making ideas succeed, and has a keen sense of market opportunities and timing, a results-orientation, combined with an ability to pull together the right team around a project. He is a blackberry addict, workaholic, foodie, speaks Swahili, a few words of Zulu and language of his own.  For more information and to purchase Success Uncomplicated; Visit Rasool’s website at

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