Ten Reasons to Hire
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For Your Next Event:

  1. Cecile and Ana are both exceptional coaches and strong communicators. Their words and messages are straight to the point, powerful, and very positive. More importantly, they stick.

  3. Both of them are dynamic and extremely professional speakers in their own individual right. They have the unique ability to inspire people, and thus can be an inspiration to your organization. Ana and Cecile have given so many presentations, speeches, and workshops. They also boast over 30 years of experience in facilitating workshops and seminars. As they deliver their presentation, they simply exude integrity while at the same time being able to establish a connection with their audience.

  5. Cecile Peterkin is a Platinum author on EvanCarmichael.com

    Ana and Cecile base their speeches on their belief that each and every single individual in their audience has got a very important role to play, and that all of us have something we are really good at. It is their primary objective to give the audience the kind of information they can use to improve the quality of their lives, be it professionally or personally.


  7. Ana and Cecile’s expertise in their respective fields are in demand. Various GTA publications have quoted Cecile, such as in The Toronto Star. She has also been invited to be interviewed on various radio and talk shows. Meanwhile, Ana has been quoted on Rogers TV -Daytime. She is also very well known for her astute advice on career transition. As a matter of fact, many people just wish they had heard her talk a long time ago.

  9. They use different tools that cannot just help their audience be prepared, but can also be used in their daily lives. The presentations they offer provide the audience with a hands-on approach to working with people, which is a highly interactive environment for learning.

  11. They offer presentations tailor-made for all your specific and unique needs.

  13. Ana and Cecile are business-minded individuals. Cecile has a deep understanding of what corporations need, no matter what the size is. She has a good 17 year experience in the financial industry by working as a senior manager of operations and administration at a mutual fund company that happens to be one of the biggest in Canada. Ana has got 15 years of work experience in administration, corporate finance and retail management to draw from. She is the founder of The Red Shoe Coaching Company which was established in 2005 and whose vision is to offer the best and most effective solutions for people looking for fulfillment and success in their lives and career.

  15. They are direct, strong, and very effective speakers. Their enthusiasm and passion never fail to engage the crowd. Also, the way they approach a topic is something that each and every one in the audience can relate to.

  17. They live what they talk.

  19. So why settle for just any speaker? Look for the best always! Evaluation and feedback for Ana and Cecile’s presentations have generally and continuously gotten highest acclaim from their crowd or audiences.

Make your event outstanding, with Cecile and Ana, success is assured.

Speaking Topics:

Corporate Business Mentoring Programs
Career Advancement
Team Building for Non-Profits
Career Planning
Team Building for Families
Career transition
Strategic resumes and cover letters
Career Pathways
Customized training and development programs
Talent & Succession planning
Career Change management
Student Career Planning
Interview Skills


What People Are Saying:


“I attended your full day Leadership presentation and was blown away by how quickly the day flew by. It was informative, interactive and entertaining. I learned so much. Sign me up for your next presentation pronto!”

Stephen, Marketing Director (Vaughan, Canada)

“Hi Cecile, It was so great talking with you today! I learned so much! In a nutshell, you have facilitated my happiness! I see so much about my WHAT constituted my fears that no one ever saw before–and that was with a good amount of coaching experience under my belt. You were so straightforward, helping me see what I wasn’t seeing. You helped me see how old ideas that I’ve carried since my 20’s completely don’t apply anymore–so liberating! Thank you so much for the gift of your wisdom, intuition and experience!”

Hugs, Catherine

“The stage lit right up from the moment you took that Holiday Inn-KMT Stage. You rocked that microphone and inspired the crowd, and inspired me.”

Beepa, MD, (Cambridge, Canada)

Past Speaking Engagements

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