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One of our core beliefs is that in order for you to become a successful CEO of your life, you must be strategic and visionary about your life goals. In this section, we hope to inspire and motivate individuals, like yourself, to take full responsibility of all aspects of your life, manage every detail and succeed personally and professionally. Thus, we focus here on:

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Getting the Job

How to Recover from a Bad Job Interview

  • How to assess the interview
  • Lessons to learn
  • How to move forward

Cut The Crap, Get A Job!

Cut the Crap, Get a Job podcast
Learn from Dana Mancigli’s remarkable 30 year career at Fortune 500 companies on how to get that job. She’s here to tell us exactly how to get that job by . . .



Career Assessment

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Tips on How to Prepare For  a Management Interview

The most important ingredient to a successful management interview is the way you prepare for it. By following the steps below, you can . . .
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The Job Interview Question Hated by Most: “Tell me about yourself”

It’s critical to remember that when you’ve been granted a job interview, that there was something about your resume that stood out above the rest. You made the final cut. Now capitalize on it by … [Read more…]

Telephone Interview Tips: How to Get Your Foot In The Door

A common technique used by HR managers to get to their shortlist is the telephone interview. It’s best to begin preparing when you send in your resume. The technique is a little different. Here are some ways to . . . [Read more]

How to Use an Informational Interview to Get Hired

A less common way to get a foot in the door is with an informational interview. It requires research and effort but you get huge points for knowing about the company you’re pursuing. Some very useful techniques on how to proceed are . . . [Read more . . .]

The Top 10 Mistakes Made in Job Interviews and How to Avoid Them

You did it! You impressed your future employer to the point where they called you in for a face-to-face job interview. This is your chance to go in there in person and shine. Now that you’ve been given this opportunity, it’s critical that you don’t waste it. Here are the top ten mistakes made in job interviews and how to avoid them. [Read more…]

Your Body Language for a Successful Job Interview

Watch your non-verbal! Job Interview success depends on more than just what you say. The verbal and non-verbal messages you send determine whether you become a new employee or remain a candidate. Pay close attention to your body language, for a successful job interview. . . .[Read more…]

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Sharpening Your Leadership Skills


The Importance of Emotional Intelligence among Leaders

When assembling the pieces of your personal jigsaw of how to become a perfect leader, characteristics such as being in control, even tempered in difficult situations, trusted by staff come to mind. As you analyze, you realize that it takes . . . [Read more . . .]

The Path to Becoming a Good Female Leader

One of the biggest fears that career women normally have is their inability to get noticed by their boss, especially when it’s time for promotion. They are worried that they will be stuck in their current position and will not have the chance to hold a leadership position. For women in the workplace, a bigger challenge for them is . . . [Read more…]

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Polishing Your Personal Brand


How To Build Relationships With Senior Staff

The kind of relationship you build with your manager and other senior staff will pretty much determine how productive and happy you will be at work. Having a not-so-enjoyable job in a friendly environment is always much better than getting a great job with a boss and coworkers you can’t get along with. Building a good working relationship with the people you work with can’t be that difficult especially if you are guided on how you should do it. And this is what you will learn in this post. [Read more…]

Career Tips – Packaging and Marketing ‘Brand You’

Branding is a process started by large corporations like Nike as part of a marketing strategy. It is a concept which had them selling their customers an image and an idea. Soon you were also buying into the concept of “just doing it”.  Branding has less about the product and more about the statement that we want to make.  What your Nikes say about you is . . .   [Read more…]

Stuck In The Middle?

I recently surveyed my clients who are middle managers or in mid-career positions to see what they had in common. I discovered three common elements: most are in mid-life; their biggest challenges are balancing life and career; and they are using this stressful, pivotal time to reinvent themselves. [Read more…]

How to Use Personal Branding for a Competitive Edge

Before you can learn much about how to use personal branding for a competitive edge, it’s important to have an understanding of what personal branding is. Fortunately, it’s possible to take a look at the way many successful people have used personal branding to get a feel for what it is and how it can work for you. [Read more…]

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We offer a quick 15-minute chat with one of our professionals to help you clarify your thoughts or decide if your career could really accelerate with one-on-one personalized coaching.

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