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You Need a Resume that Sells


5 seconds. Yes, that’s all a prospective employer gives to each resume or CV. Since that’s all the time you get, you should do everything to catch your potential employer’s attention.

How do you make this happen?

Whether you are a recent graduate or someone going for a career change; we know exactly what you’ll need to meet all of your prospective employer’s expectations.

Coming up with a powerful resume is not at all simple and easy.  We provide below a series of useful blogs to help you, whether you are a recent graduate looking for a first job, or perhaps someone going for a career change.

If you’re going after a specific, highly competitive position and want professional help, our professional resume writers can guarantee that you will have a winning resume that will boost your chances of landing the job you’ve always wanted. They are equipped with industry knowledge and experience in writing excellent CVs and resumes.

I secured an articling position for the 2011-2012 articling term!! I ended up securing interviews with some big firms, but at the end of the day, I’ll be with a civil litigation firm of about 35 lawyers called Bell Temple. They do some medical malpractice, professional discipline, insurance defense work. I’ll be exposed to class-action suits and will have carriage of my own files from the get go. I truly think I landed in a good place.

Thanks for all the wonderful resume tips that I’m sure helped get my application picked from the pile. There were over 200 applicants!! YIKES       Janelle B., Articling Student

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