How To Manage Your Lost Career

Coaching for Career Planning and Management

How To Manage Your Lost Career Make the decision;
right here, right now,
that today is the last day you’ll say, “I hate my job!”

“How To Manage Your Lost Career” is not a book, it’s your life!
Answer all of the questions in this interactive e-course truthfully and honestly as your heart and soul dictates. At the end, you will be on your way to creating a fulfilling, lifelong career that is right for you and only you.

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In this e-course, you will learn:

The areas of your personal strength:

  • Identify your career and life goals
  • The direction that’s right for you
  • Know what is important to you in a career and what is not.

How to write a winning Resume/CV

  • What to include; what not to include
  • All resumes are not created equal. Choose your right style.

How to handle the interview

  • Learn how to communicate your strengths without bragging
  • Understand what interviewers are looking for in a potential candidate
  • How to pre-prepare and plan to ensure a successful interview.

How to negotiate

  • Get a better pay deal
  • Get better terms and conditions.

So let’s get started charting a career plan that can help you get where you want to go!

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