How To Get What You Want in Life

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Get What Your Want in Life

Are you sick of hearing about Life being beautiful, about sunsets and about bird singing – RUBBISH!

. . . and you want it so bad you physically feel your heart ache?

Do this now: stand up and say out loud: “This is my Life dammit!”

You’re determined to make your life mean something – you’re just not sure what that “something” is.  What you know for sure is that time is pressing and this drifting has got to stop.

How To Get What You Want in Life will help you do just that.
The exercises and assignments in this interactive online course will become your personal guide, pointing you in the right direction.

Two things are going to happen now:

First, you’re going to finally figure out your true north — and won’t that be a relief; and

Second, you’ll identify your own, personal gold nuggets. You know, those traits you’re lugging in your back pocket and consider worthless? You’ll learn how to shape them, nurture them and expand your world of possibilities.

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If you complete the exercises and assignments truthfully, using the information dictated by your heart and your soul, you’ll learn

Part 1:
  Discover what your life is really about.

Part 2:
  The goal setting workshop – mapping out what you want in your life from here on in!

Part 3:
  Fire the gun! – How to take action.

Part 4:
  Become a world-class hurdler! How to overcome the obstacles that get in your way.

Part 5:
  How to stay on track with your goals – How to keep motivated.

Part 6:
  Creating the life that you truly deserve.

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