Student MAPP Assessment


“I finished doing my MAPP assessment…..I’m very surprised it’s the third form of assessment that I have done and it’s by far the most accurate.”   ~Nathan Legacy~

A customized Student MAPP helps teens choose the right career path and match their college/university degree to their talents and interests.

The MAPP is a great tool to assist your child with their learning style, how they relate in school, work, at home, activities and with peer pressure.

Gain insight into how you can help your child with homework and guide them into the right career path based on their potential and motivations.

Set your child up for success! Have your child take the Student MAPP assessment today.

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For $105 you and your child will receive a personalized MAPP Analysis and 2 hours of Life and Career Coaching geared to your child’s special motivations with a specially trained Cosmic Career Coach.

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