Middle Manager Career Assessments

Why take career assessments? To identify your strengths with precision and make better career decisions. Armed with this information, you become empowered to make the choices to find your dream job, to build your leadership skills or to make smarter life choices.




Get Career Assessments FreeOur free Assessments will give you insight as to where you stand right now in the areas of:

  • Career
  • Leadership
  • Life

Once completed, you will better understand yourself in terms of:

  • Is there a better path for me?
  • Do my values match the job?
  • How do I start finding the job I Love?

10 assessments areas are available. Choose any one or all of these FREE assessments now.


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MAPP logoThe MAPP™ (Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential) career test is one of the most acknowledged career assessments worldwide, used by education institutions and professionals.

You will receive immediate feedback after taking this 15 minute test. The MAPP package will uniquely help you find your personal ideal career.

Your test results are scored against 900 jobs and you will be able to see the types of jobs that are the best fit to you along with the educational requirements, career outlook and real job openings in your area.

To help you fully realize your life path as shown in your assessment results, included in our price is 2 hrs of one-on-one career/life coaching.

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We offer a quick 15-minute chat with one of our professionals to help you clarify your thoughts or decide if your career could really accelerate with one-on-one personalized coaching. YES!  Let’s book my 15 minute free Cosmic Coaching Centre Call

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