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Ask any employer, of any size, what their top company concerns are over the next five years, and among the top three will be:

  • How to keep their employees interested
  • How to motivate them past ‘just a job’ to excitement about their contribution to their team
  • And, of course, the most essential – how to keep them in your Leadership Pipeline (retention), and how to continue their transition into management roles.

This web site is designed to help bridge the transition of transformation from the Individual’s own personal spectrum to the wider, corporate team vision. Finding ways for both to find a rewarding experience.

Help Your employees Keep The Job

Keep The Job
Tips of how employees can fine-time their workplace environment better.

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Help Your employees Excel In The Job

Learning InitiativeLearning Initiative
Self-Help ebooks: How to Manage Your Lost Career | Effective Communication | How To Get What You Want In Life | Unstoppable Confidence

How to Help Move your Talent up the Leadership Pipeline

We have a sister site dedicated to a training program designed to ignite your Leadership Pipeline and to ensure your future management team talent is available when you need them. You can find it here:

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For a detailed look at our focused leadership training program – Go to the Program Details

Here’s the good news!
Many of the leaders that you’ll need in the upcoming years are already at hand, just waiting to be nurtured and groomed.

90% of what makes a leader is Training.  What does this mean to you as employer? Lower costs, which are always welcome news!

The Battle for Talent is heating up make sure your side is winning.

Our professionals are available for a quick 15-minute chat to help you clarify your thoughts or discuss the benefits a mentoring program can bring to your organization.  Discuss how it can be integrated and formalized into employee enrichment activities that you currently have.

YES!  Let’s book my 15 minutes to discuss how mentoring can help my organization.


Thought Leadership

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence among Leaders

When talking about a ‘perfect leader’, we easily think of someone who seems to be always in control. This person never allows his temper to overcome him no matter how difficult the situation is. You may also imagine a perfect leader in a person who is trusted by his staff because she is someone who knows how to listen to her subordinates and has the ability to make informed decisions. If you try to analyze such traits of a good leader, you will realize that . . . [Read more …]

How to Bring Out the Best in your Employees

Several reliable surveys have revealed very surprising facts regarding the way employees today feel about their jobs. Apparently, more than half of the interviewed workers stated that they plan to leave their jobs once they see an improvement in the economy. It was found out also that most employees in the workplace are not happy with their jobs. Simply put, it’s too obvious that . . . . [Read more…]

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