Tyler Ward

Tyler WardProducts Consultant


From a young age, Tyler has embraced his innate ability to compose engaging lyrical copy. With experience composing and producing songs with his cousin, he celebrated the union of his musical and written talents at around age 14. While in high school, he used his unique and lyrical style of presenting information to prepare creative announcements for school dances, and his grade 12 formal. These announcements developed the interest in his productions that would lead to Tyler preparing pieces for personal (weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc), professional, and corporate events.

A self-proclaimed “people person,” along with being creative Tyler loves communicating with others. While studying at the University of Western Ontario, his strong interpersonal communication skills were an asset which allowed him to fulfill his role as the Promotions Officer for a club on campus. Whether capturing the ever-present emotions of a wedding, generating excitement for a party overseas, or creating copy for the marketing of a product, Tyler is very versatile in the application of his craft. After graduating with an Honors Specialization BA in Media, Information & Technoculture, it would not be long before he would breathe life into his entrepreneurial nature.

Now at 25 years old, Tyler says the pieces are falling into place. The feedback he has received from his work has been overwhelmingly positive. The pressure he has been under to use his talents has been incredibly strong. Especially in response to a number of personal and professional pieces he has prepared, many continue to describe his words as being very eloquent. In August of 2011, after a very encouraging response to the material he put together for his role as the emcee for his friends’ wedding, he decided to combine his love of music with his written talents to create Eloquent Notes – where lasting moments become lyrical memories.