Justin Palmer

Justin Palmer

Marketing Leader

Talented Visionary, Creative, Astute, Inspiring

Justin Palmer is the marketing expert of the Cosmic Coaching team. He has an in-depth and hands on experience in research and experimental marketing. As an important member of Mosaic, Justin has worked with a number of companies like Microsoft Xbox Kinect, Rogers Wireless, AutoTrader, and HP Computers. He is also considered the Cosmic Coaching Centre’s Flash Mob expert after joining an electrifying Flash Mob to promote the new show of TVtropolis, “Wipe Out Canada”.

Justin is currently running his two businesses, namely Justine Palmer Photography and PH Scale Outfitters, a Toronto based fashion line. With the hectic schedule that he has and the constant challenges he is facing in his businesses, Justin truly understands the concept of “patience is a virtue”, especially in terms of work ethic and business. In the case of photography, for instance, what it takes is just one shot. So by being patient and taking your time to focus and line it up, there is a better chance of you getting the best quality of work in a small amount of time. But when you try to do it in a hurry, you will likely need to go over it several times again to get the quality of shot you are looking for.

Justin is also an important member of the organizing committees for certain organizations like the IOTA Inc., and the Toronto Mendelssohn Youth Choir Advisory & Committee Board. He is mainly responsible for coordinating events, budgeting, event running, as well as arranging special outings.

He was once again called upon to share his expertise as a participant and one of the organizers for the G20-Y International Summit held in Toronto last April 2010. In this summit, he was assigned to take care of the marketing, event planning and implementation, as well as connecting with dignitaries, diplomats and even MPs. During the summit, he took it as a chance to share his own philosophy of ‘Relationship Marketing’ as well as the need for a company to give back to the environment along with the community surrounding it. He then worked on a communiqué which was written and provided to the participants of the said summit.

Justin is a native of Toronto and the son of an entrepreneurially minded couple. He attended the Cardinal Center Academy for the Arts and is currently enhancing his knowledge and expertise in marketing at Humber College in the Marketing and Management program.

It is Justin’s personal goal and biggest desire to share and pass on his knowledge to the younger generation, and also to help companies develop a more genuine style of doing business.