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Even before launching her own career mentoring and coaching business, Cecile Peterkin served as a mentor and coach to a number of people. Coaching and mentoring for Cecile is just her way of life, a natural talent that she makes use of to help those seeking their own life or career path.

Being the senior manager of operations and administration for 17 long years in one of the biggest mutual fund companies in Canada, Cecile was always relied upon to offer guidance and support to junior staff as they try to achieve their goals.

She once hired and worked with a certain staff member who turned out to be having a hard time with her work. Cecile devoted some of her time to talk to her and to try to know what the staff member was going through. The staff member was a single mother of two and was struggling to juggle between her work and parenting. Of course, her main goal and priority was her kids, particularly to give her children a better future. What Cecile did was motivate her, not just to be successful in her career and work, but also to find the balance that would make things a lot easier for her. In this very competitive and fast paced industry, it is simply amazing how Cecile held on to her belief that every individual just needs to be nurtured and recognized for all their effort and for their potential. She also believes that once a person’s potential is unlocked, they will eventually figure out what they need to do to reach success. This was her own motivation in following her dreams, which led to the opening of the Cosmic Coaching Career Centre and ProMentoring Inc back in 2002.

Cecile Peterkin is a certified career and retirement coach, and a registered member of the Career Professionals of Canada and the International Coach Federation. Reaching her current status was never difficult for her because she naturally possesses the traits that make a good and effective mentor and coach – she is a strong, focused, and determined leader by nature. And of course, she is very optimistic, energetic, and can always have fun with her clients.

Her main responsibility in her companies is to provide both team and individual or on-on-one counseling services in leadership and career coaching, empowerment counseling, mentoring, training, as well as personal development. Her vast experience includes working with a huge number of clients across the United States, Canada, and many other countries. In terms of her clients, she has worked with many different professionals, ranging from teachers to corporate executives. One client of her, in particular, was able to reach his dream of becoming an ordained minister. He did this, of course, with the help and guidance of Cecile.

Cecile has also been featured in a lot of magazines, newspapers broadcasts, as well as online outlets: Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Metro Toronto, Toronto Sun, Canadian Living, Bankrate Canada, BNN, HR Professional, Women’s Post, and Best Health.

Cecile doesn’t only focus on her own career as a coach and a mentor. She also actively participates in various community programs and activities. As a matter of fact, Cecile is an active volunteer of the Junior League of Toronto. She also serves as a mentor for many young people or youth in the Toronto area. She willingly offers free workshops, which are aimed at guiding the youth, particularly young women, in at-risk communities.

Cecile Peterkin is also a popular guest lecturer at Seneca College, where she presents almost 3 times every year to help the future graduates plan their careers and prepare themselves for the job market. Without a doubt, she has helped a lot of university and college graduates to prepare for their first jobs.

Perhaps the highlight of her career came when she was nominated and later on became the first black president of the Junior League of Toronto. This role is a symbol of her hard-work and commitment to mentoring and volunteer work.