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The Infamous, Red Shoe Diva!

Empowering Writer, Determined Coach, Charismatic Speaker


Ana Paret has been instrumental in the lives of so many people as they try to improve their lives, advance their careers, and live from the truth within. Ana is popular for her sense of humor and sensible solutions to a variety of personal and career problems.

Through her blogs, workshop programs, and dynamic coaching style, Ana is committed to educating, inspiring, and empowering her clients to look beyond their old paradigms and urge them to move towards using more creative solutions to address whatever challenges they are facing.

Being a square peg in the past, she can totally understand the impact of the “square peg in a round hole” theory, and thus strives to limit the effects of this placement for not only the corporation, but the individual as well. Perhaps the most significant experience that she can share with her clients is when she was navigating her own career transitions as she searches for the work that’s close to her heart.

Ana is a well known career coach, resume writer, workshop trainer, speaker and published author who has successfully defined success in her own terms.

With a background in psychology and accounting, plus an extensive training in career development, Ana uses all her experience, skills and education as a tool to help her clients.

Ana was an established contributing author for the “Expert Women Who Speak…Speak Out” Books Vol. 6. Also, she has produced a number of articles on the subject of stress management, life/work balance, career management, and personal development.

Ana has also been invited to appear in several programs, like CKCO-TV and Daytime Rogers TV, and has also been featured in a number of publications, such as Snap K-W and the KW Record.

Whenever she has free time, she navigates through nature trails with a picnic bag, her camera, and a worthwhile book in her backpack. What you will notice also is that she never loses that pretty smile on her face.