Create Your Own Personal Inspirational Lyrics


Are you looking for something to inspire you? Do you need something to motivate you? Do you think it is already ineffective to use another person’s motivational words to keep you inspired? Do you feel it would be really cool if you had your own personal inspirational lyrics (iAnthem) to listen to every time you feel down?

The good news is that you can now create your very own inspirational lyrics or iAnthem that can be your source of courage and inspiration. By working with one of our Cosmic Coaching Centre Lyrical Coach, you will be able to come up with personalized motivational lyrics that you can use as you try to reach all your goals in life.

In so many places around the world, anthems have been and are still being used to motivate people and communities to work really hard, to compete, and even fight. With that said, it really makes sense that you use a personal anthem as a motivation for you to achieve all your goals. This is exactly what iAnthem can do. It could be the catalyst towards the fulfillment of your dreams and achievement of your goals.

You will be very surprised with how those strings of words can change you!

iAnthem is designed to give you a one-of-a-kind form of motivation that you need to reach your personal goals. Through this, you will also be able to see a wide range of opportunities you otherwise wouldn’t have thought existed or even possible. iAnthem is the first of its kind, and has proven to be a major tool that can tap into your very own journey in life. It is an inspirational piece that can remind you of how your entire life along with your experiences can lead you to success.

What this Incredible Resource will cost you?

You can have your own iAnthem for just $99. We guarantee that the quality of this product will go way beyond its cost.

You can get started right away and with no trouble!

All you need to do is CLICK below so you can have your own iAnthem. You will then get a Complimentary Bonus that is worth $150! BONUS – The 7 Steps to Success e-course.

Here’s how it works:

  • You will be given by a Cosmic Coaching Centre representative 12 questions to answer. These questions are all about you and your life – your story, your dreams, your strength, goals and accomplishments.
  • Your answers will then be creatively put together by a Lyrical Coach to produce your own personal lyrical anthem.
  • Using your past experiences and strengths to inspire and motivate, this piece will serve as a creative encouragement that will push you until you reach success.
  • You can have your iAnthem on your MP3 player or iPod.

iAnthem can be used to fulfill various personal goals, such as:

  • Focus
  • Weight Loss
  • Positive thinking
  • Career
  • Love
  • Self-esteem
  • Happiness

Through listening to your iAnthem, you can feel the magic of how your past can help you build your future. As a result, you will find it so much easier to focus on what you want in life. More importantly, it will help you visualize the path you need to take to reach all your goals.

“Words cannot adequately express the feelings that bubble up to the surface as I listen to my iAnthem. I feel empowered and reconnected to the goals that I desire to achieve.  Thanks to iAnthem, I am reminded of the me that I am, and that if I can dream it, I can achieve it,”

~ Maria De Mello, Client with Cosmic Coaching Centre.

Ensure your Success with your Personalized iAnthem!

The orchestra of your past playing the music of your future

If you can do everything that it takes to reach success, Your iAnthem will help you do just that!

For $99, iAnthem is an inspirational piece that taps into your own personal journey.



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