Cracking the Online Job Application Process

Free Teleseminar

Wednesday, November 21st 11:00 AM, Eastern

  • Are you frustrated submitting your resume on-line?
  • Have you been submitting your resumes on-line, and after months of on-line process; you haven’t gotten one interview?
  • Do you feel like your resume falls into an ‘On-line Black Hole’?

Understanding the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) used by recruiters and hiring manages; you will be able to get pass the on-line screening process.

Join Us! Wednesday, November 21st at 11:00 AM, Eastern; for a FREE Teleseminar to learn about the various Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), and how to maneuver the screening systems to get an interview.

You will learn the following:

  • The process used by recruiters and hiring managers use to select candidates for an interview.
  • How ATS works
  • Creating a resume for ATS
  • Challenges job seekers face with ATS
  • Pros/Cons of using keywords for ATS
  • Tips on how to get pass ATS
  • How to identify and display your accomplishments
  • How to make your resume unique

Apply the techniques learn in this teleseminar, and you will increase the chance that your resume will be selected.


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