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Seven Effective Job Search Strategies to a successful Job Hunting Campaign


Tuesday August 21st, 1:00 – 3:00 PM;
Wednesday August 22nd, 8:00 – 10:00 PM

Cost: $45


Finding a job in today’s competitive job market is a challenging full-time job.  You are now in the Job Hunting business, and it might be the hardest job you will ever do.

As a job seeker you must learn and effectively use proven job search strategies to find a job.  A job search without a strategy can quickly become random and non-productive.  Applying for the wrong jobs, following up on leads without prioritizing, lacking goals, and ways to measure progress leads to frustration. With a strategy, progress is planned, steady, and good results will follow.

Our Seven Job Search Strategies will give you the tools and knowledge of what it takes to lead a successful job search campaign.

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  • You will receive a list of Power Verbs for your resume
  • Top 10 Resume Must Haves
  • Call-in Details for the Job Search Strategies Teleseminar on August 21st at 1:00 PM EST and August 22nd at 8:00 PM EST and let us show you how to succeed in your job search.


Highlights include:

  • The importance of self-assessments
  • Who is your Network
  • Indentifying a Target Job and Industry
  • How to establish goal and expectations
  • How to Network
  • What are Job Search Tools
  • Knowing your Environment

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What You will Take Away from this Seminar?

In two hours you will learn how to create a result oriented Job Hunting Campaign.  You will also receive a Free Resume Critique, after the workshop.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you worried about the number of candidates applying for each job?
  • Are you still relying on some of the least effective methods to find a job?
  • Are you confident that you are leveraging all the tools, tips and tactics available to you?
  • Do you know how much your job search is costing you? (link to website with calculation)


If you answer “YES” or “NO” to any One of these questions, you  need to Register Now for, Seven Effective Job Search Strategies to a successful Job Hunting Campaign!

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Learn the strategies to a successful Job Hunting Campaign!

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