Negotiating Your Severance Package – Should You?

Given that the economy is nowhere near as strong as it could be, more and more companies are looking at layoffs as an option that will help them to stay in business. No matter how great you are at your job, there is a risk of the company eliminating your position – and if that happens, it’s likely that they will offer you a severance package. What many people don’t know is that negotiating a severance package is possible. [Read more…]

Master Your Next Salary Negotiation

I was recently speaking with a client interested in improving her negotiation skills for her upcoming salary review. She has been in her new position for just over four months. She has exceeded expectations, and feeling confident in her job. However, she is unhappy with her salary. Afraid to negotiate and risk losing the job offer, and grateful for the paycheck, she accepted the job offer without negotiating her salary or compensation package. [Read more…]