Top 5 Tips on Creating Your LinkedIn Profile

1. Do Not Skimp on Your Photo. Your LinkedIn profile is in essence your online CV or resume, so your photograph in it should indicate professionalism. The very first thing that a browser sees upon hitting your page is your photograph. LinkedIn users prefer to see a clear head shot taken by a professional photographer if possible. Don’t think of your LinkedIn profile like your Facebook page where you can put just any photo on.

2. Mind the Keywords. The search algorithm for LinkedIn is basically the same as that of Google. In order to make sure that your profile is seen via the search function, it is vital that you use exactly what keywords you want to be associated with in your profile. You should add the keywords in your headline, in your previous and current employment information, as well as in your personal summary. If you want to be discovered in a certain field or category, be sure to use the exact words or phrase a couple of times all through your profile, but without keyword stuffing your profile. [Read more…]

Resume Samples and Templates Vs Resume and Career Services

With the advent of the internet, people have gained access to a huge amount of information and resources online. In fact, there seems to be nothing that you will not find or learn about by using the internet. This is good, actually, but not all the time. In writing a resume, for instance, many people tend to use free online resume templates instead of perhaps paying for resume and career services. The problem with using such sample CVs is that they are usually not the perfect fit for every person’s credentials. Let me tell you some other reasons why you should not rely on the free CV samples or templates you find online. [Read more…]

Resume and Career Services: Choosing a Career in Fitness and Sports

Finding a great career in the exercise, fitness and sports industries has become more complicated these days. As you search for the possible careers to pursue in such fields, you will realize that there are now a lot more options in different exciting areas. If you consult an expert from resume and career services, you will be given a long list of possible careers to pursue, such as in sport marketing, coaching, sport promotion, sports medicine, athletic administration, and a lot more.

A career in arena of sports and fitness can be extremely rewarding, especially for those who are enthusiastic about them. But if this is what you are willing to pursue, the question is exactly which field should you choose? For instance, even when you are already decided that you want to have a job in line with coaching or teaching sport, you still have to make up your mind as to whether you are going to be a physical education teacher, a sport instructor, or perhaps an instructor for people with disabilities. [Read more…]

Shocking Truth about Job Hunting, Resume and Career Services

As a job seeker, you must have been warned several times by your seniors about the challenges that you will be facing as you search for your first job. It is possible also that you have done your own research about the techniques you can use to ensure that you will be hired in no time. Although it would really help if you gather all those facts, information, and tips from other people, there is still no guarantee that they will work to your favor. Even if you work with people offering resume and career services, you will be told that you can never be sure that your job hunting strategies will work. Nevertheless, you would surely want to know everything that may or may not happen as you look for a job.

Explained below are some facts about job searching that you may find shocking. Knowing these will help you change your strategy a bit, which could result in you finding a suitable job very soon. [Read more…]

Reasons for Using Professional Resume and Career Services

Writing a resume is considered by many as a simple skill that the majority of us have. Well if this is true, you should also wonder why so many of the resumes submitted to employers or some kind of hiring services don’t even make it through the automation process, and therefore don’t get any chance of being read by real people? This simply goes to show that a lot of people have this huge misconception about how resumes should be written. The good thing is that there are resume and career services that could help even an ordinary job applicant increase his/her chances of getting hired. Below are some aspects of a perfectly written resume that we normally take for granted and that experts would always know how to include in your resume. [Read more…]

Your Personal Brand as a Transferable Skill

Although it is a newer concept by now most people are aware of the idea of personal branding, and just how important it can be to your career if you can establish a strong one for yourself that is consistent and impressive. What you may not be aware of though is just how to use your personal brand as a transferable skill, one that can help you secure that new job you want or finally make the career change you have had in mind for years!


Your Personal Brand as a Transferable SkillYour Resume – However much the world of work has been changed by technology and by things like social media, your resume is still probably the first chance you have to make an impression on a potential new employer. Listing all of your skills and past achievements is great, but you still need to make sure that your resume as a whole accurately reflects the personal [Read more…]

Career Change after 40 – How to Market your Experience

Making a career change over 40 isn’t any easier than it was in your 20s or 30s.  Whether your decision is based on your desire to finally pursue your dreams or a need to find a new career path due to an ever-shrinking market or faltering industry, making a career change in mid-life can leave even the most confident job seekers asking themselves, “How do I find a new career?”

Before you start sending out resumes, you must first take the time to make a plan for your next career – assessing your skills (including those that may be transferable in your new field) and really plotting a new trajectory for yourself. [Read more…]

The Creative Resume

I recently volunteered to review a client’s resume.   She was applying for a job at a large Financial Institution.  She had her artistic husband design a very creative resume, which showcased his graphic design skills.  The resume looked great, if she was applying for an artistic position.  You want your resume to be memorable and stand out from the others in the pack, but the design should match the position you are applying for and the company environment.

Unless you are applying for a very conventional job with a conventional employer who will not appreciate a creative resume, you want a job resume that will set you apart for the other individuals vying for the job.  You want a resume that is creatively smart and will best reflect your qualifications, giving you the opportunity to sell yourself to a potential employer. [Read more…]

Resume Facts

You hired a professional to create an excellent resume marketing your Value Proposition.  You’re getting interviews – however,  you are not landing your dream job – Why?  Could be you’re not good at selling yourself verbally, and you’re not able to “speak to” to your resume?  The resume gets you the interview.  It’s up to you to get the job based on your “WOWING” interview.

The following 3 tips will market yourself in the interview:

Should You Hire a Professional Resume Writer?

When you are looking for the chance to get ahead in the workplace – meaning, when you want to find a job that’s better than the one have or you just want to be sure that you can get in the door and work your way up – one of the most important things that you can do is to have a great resume. Simply put, if your resume doesn’t grab the attention of the recruiter, HR person or manager, you are unlikely to get the interview. Because of this, more and more often people are turning to a professional resume writer to help get them in the door. [Read more…]

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