Maximizing Joy in Your Life and Love in the World

Join us on Up Your Game Radio with Life Coach, Speaker, and Author John Robinson Jr.!  John will be talking about his new book Joy & Love and the ONE formula on “How to Maximize Joy in Your Life and Love in the World. [Read more…]

How to Analyze What You Want Before Setting Your Goals

Join us on Up Your Game Radio with life coach Julie Starr!  Julie will be discussing the importance of analyzing what you want before setting your goals.

Julie Starr is a life coach and the founder of Possibility Life Coaching for Women.  Julie is a graduate of Coach U’s 3 year coach training program where she mastered the art of motivating others to live their best life. [Read more…]

Networking that’s actually FUN

Are you afraid of Networking?

Does the prospect of Networking make you nervous?

Join us on Up Your Game Radio, and learn how to make Networking FUN with Networking Mentor, Marsha Shandur

Marsha Shandur is a Networking Mentor. Through her business Yes Yes Marsha, she helps coaches, freelancers and entrepreneurs boost their visibility and get discovered by their dream clients, by showing them how to get noticed by, and build genuine relationships with key players in their industry. [Read more…]

Self Esteem Doesn’t Come In A Bottle with Kelly Falardeau

Join us for an hour to learn how a burn survivor who constantly struggled with rejection, staring and teasing burst through all the negativity in her life to succeed.

[Read more…]

Dare to Dream with Elsbeth Tate, Rebel with a Cause Business and Life Coaching

Join us for an hour, and learn how to dream with Elsbeth Tate, Business and Life Coach, and author of soon to be released, From Golden to Platinum: “The Courageous Woman’s Guide to an Inspired Retirement”. [Read more…]

Life Lessons from Motivational Speaker and Author, Rob Oliver

Rob Oliver says good or bad…it’s all in how you look at things. The average person generates 25,000 to 50,000 thoughts per day. What are the majorities of your thoughts – positive or negative? [Read more…]

How to Become More Powerful In Less Than A Minute!

Join us for an informative hour with our special guest, Stacey Hall CEO and Founder of The Hall Institute of Intuitive Wellness. Stacey saves the lives of people who are stressed to the snapping point by providing coaching, products and tools to help you love your life more fully, feel in control more completely, improve your relationships more deeply, and experience more joy and success in achieving your goals. [Read more…]

Tammy Washington, Transformational Speaker, Coach & Author

Tammy Washington, Transformational Speaker, Coach and Author, is dedicated to helping you NAIL your dreams.   As the author of the new book “Nailed It!  Be It, Do It, Achieve It!” Tammy has always had a passion for seeking all that life has to offer and bringing others along the way.  Certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Transformational Leadership, she gives straight-forward yet fun advice to take  you to your next level.    [Read more…]

Job Search Strategies for Professional Immigrants to Canada

Join us as we host a panel discussion on Job Search Strategies for Professional Immigrants to Canada.

Our goal during our discussion is to teach you the tools and processes needed for Professional Immigrants to Canada to implement on in Canada.

Our esteemed panelists for this discussion include:

[Read more…]

Stacy Swearengen-Military Spouse Portable Career Planning

Join us for an informative hour with our special guest will be Stacy Swearengen.  Stacy is a Certified Career, Education and Adult Learning Coach, and helps military spouses turn passion into portable careers. As the wife of an Active Duty soldier, Stacy designed Military Spouse Portable Career Planning, LLC to meet the career and educational needs of today’s military spouses. [Read more…]

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