Use the Lazy Days of Summer for Career Success

Maybe you’ve recently graduated, are in mid-career shift or are recreating your life after economic downturn – whatever your story, if you’re looking to launch your career to greater heights, there’s no better time than summer. While your peers may be thinking of taking the summer off from the job search, you’d be best served to take this time to lay the groundwork for your future.

Unemployment Lines Await

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), worldwide unemployment is still high at 8.5%, while US unemployment rates linger at a staggering 9.3% and Canada hovers around 7.4%. [Read more…]

Use Holiday Parties to Network!

Many people view the holidays as a “slow” time for any business, except retail. A time when businesses prepare for year end, putting new projects on hold and instituting hiring freezes until after the holidays. But viewing this as a time to put away your business cards and shelve your resume could be a big mistake.

The holidays are a great excuse to network and because of the often relaxed and jovial atmosphere of a party, you can be poised to make a lasting impression in a much more personal way.

[Read more…]

The Creative Resume

I recently volunteered to review a client’s resume.   She was applying for a job at a large Financial Institution.  She had her artistic husband design a very creative resume, which showcased his graphic design skills.  The resume looked great, if she was applying for an artistic position.  You want your resume to be memorable and stand out from the others in the pack, but the design should match the position you are applying for and the company environment.

Unless you are applying for a very conventional job with a conventional employer who will not appreciate a creative resume, you want a job resume that will set you apart for the other individuals vying for the job.  You want a resume that is creatively smart and will best reflect your qualifications, giving you the opportunity to sell yourself to a potential employer. [Read more…]

Resume Facts

You hired a professional to create an excellent resume marketing your Value Proposition.  You’re getting interviews – however,  you are not landing your dream job – Why?  Could be you’re not good at selling yourself verbally, and you’re not able to “speak to” to your resume?  The resume gets you the interview.  It’s up to you to get the job based on your “WOWING” interview.

The following 3 tips will market yourself in the interview:

Finding a New Job in the Summer

Finding a new job in the summer seems intimidating to many people.  The prospect of job hunting, only to be rejected, keeps potential workers from realizing some of the best opportunities available.  Summer is often the best time to make a career change.

What you Need to Know

If you want to find a new job this summer, think positive.  Many career resources are available.  With effective job search techniques, the occupation of your dreams may be just around the corner. [Read more…]

Finding a New Job Through Cold Calling

Today, no one disputes the fact that the job market is very tight.  Gone are the days when jobs were plentiful and opportunities practically dropped into a person’s lap. Now, it is the ambitious individual, with a tenacious proactive approach, that lands the coveted position. In fact, finding a job through cold calling is a classic example of making opportunities happen.

Cold Calling Career Tips

Some individuals have the mistaken impression that finding a new job through cold calling means opening the phone book to the business section and starting with the letter “A”.  Nothing can be farther from the truth.  For cold calling to be truly effective and ultimately result in gainful employment, there are certain career tips to follow: [Read more…]

The Dos and Don’ts of an Effective Job Search

Whether you have built your career working on the line in a factory or you’ve held a position of power in a Fortune 500 company, the current economy makes it likely that you could end up looking at finding a new job. The key to ending up in a position you’ll love is – quite simply – focusing on conducting an effective job search. [Read more…]

Job Searching and Staying Marketable in a Recession

Job searching is never fun, nor is it something that is particularly comfortable for the majority of people out there. It can be frustrating, but ultimately, it can prove to be an extremely rewarding experience. There are additional challenges that exist, however, when it comes to job searching in a recession. [Read more…]

How to Get a Promotion Instead of Finding a New Job

Month after month, it seems as though an increased number of jobs are being removed from the workplace – either in the form of job cuts or in the form of companies making the choice to not fill vacant positions. As a result, if you’re looking into starting a job search, you might want to think about things a little bit differently. Not only is there a lot of competition out there with people making efforts for finding a new job, but also there are fewer positions available. [Read more…]

How to Work with a Corporate Recruiter

Sometimes, in business, the most effective way to attract the right staff is to have someone else – a corporate recruiter – focus on finding those individuals for you.

A corporate recruiter often works with businesses and corporations that are looking for employees with specific characteristics that want to be sure they are able to take a closer look only at candidates who would be a great match for the position. [Read more…]

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