How to Ask the Right Questions in a Job Interview

Working in the human resources department of any business – particularly when it is your job to find the ideal candidate for a given position – it is essential that you are able to ask the right job interview questions. While you are going to want to focus primarily on making sure that the candidate is qualified for the position in terms of education, experience, commitment and potential to excel in the position, it is imperative that you also ask those job interview questions that will help you to determine whether or not the candidate is a great match for the company. [Read more…]

15 Ways to Win at Job Interviews

When you walk into a job interview, the product you are selling is YOU. The interview process begins when you accept the interview, and ends when the employer decides to either hire you or look for someone more suitable. The more you are able to communicate professionalism with personality, distinction and skill, the better your chance of getting the job. [Read more…]