Tips on How to Prepare For a Management Interview

The most important ingredient to a successful management interview is the way you prepare for it. As a department manager, you will have to work not only with your subordinates, but also with the upper management, the managers in other departments, and even with clients and customers. [Read more…]

Interesting Job Interview Myths You Should Know

Job seekers do many things to better understand what things must and must not be done to prepare for a job interview. Aside from preparing your resume and other credentials, you must also be ready for what could happen during the interview itself. If you search the web or talk to people who are more experienced in getting interviews, you may actually get tips on how you could eventually land the job you are applying for. But do you know that some of the things you will learn are just myths? Below are some of them:

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How Managers May Promote Gender Diversity in the Workplace

Let’s face it; gender diversity in the workplace is still a remote concept in some industries. This is particularly true when it comes to choosing people for management roles in big companies. But it is important that businesses realize the importance of diversity because it is the diverse groups that tend to be more productive than the homogenous groups. Naturally, both genders are resistant to this type of diversification within the workplace, thus, your role as the manager is vital to making the transition go smoothly. Here’s what you should do: [Read more…]

Five Effective Interview Questions for Hiring Managers

While it is usually very easy for hiring managers to determine just what the wrong questions to ask during an interview are it can be much harder for them to come up with the right ones. Asking effective interview questions is a skill that every great hiring manager has to possess though, as a resume only ever tells half of a candidate’s story. Here are five great questions that can help a hiring manager get a much clearer picture of who the person sitting across from them really is and how suitable they might be for the position they are applying for: [Read more…]

The Job Interview Question Hated by Most: “Tell me about yourself”

When you are looking for a job, being called in for a job interview is very exciting.  Out of all the applications submitted, there is something about yours that stood out above the rest.  You have made the final cut.  Then, you realize that the interview will determine whether you are employed or back to sending out more resumes. What can you do to ensure job interview success? What do you say?  How do you answer that inevitable question: “Tell me about yourself”? [Read more…]

Your Body Language for a Successful Job Interview

Job Interview success depends on more than what you say.  What you do can also determine whether you become a new employee or another candidate steps out of the unemployment line.  Pay close attention to your body language, for a successful job interview.

Attention to Details

During the interview, the person(s) conducting the meeting will be looking, as well as listening.  Sometimes, what is not said speaks louder than the actual spoken words.  Therefore, it is extremely important to pay attention to the following details: [Read more…]

How to Recover from a Bad Job Interview And Get The Job

It can happen to anyone. For one reason or another – a late arrival, botching answers to key questions, failing to show knowledge about the company -you had a bad job interview. Although the proverb is true, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, you do have an opportunity to make up some of what you lost in your bad job interview. [Read more…]

The Top 10 Mistakes Made in Job Interviews and How to Avoid Them

You did it! You impressed your future employer to the point where they called you in for a face-to-face job interview. This is your chance to go in there in person and shine. Now that you’ve been given this opportunity, it’s critical that you don’t waste it. Here are the top ten mistakes made in job interviews and how to avoid them. [Read more…]

Telephone Interview Tips: How to Get Your Foot In The Door

As job seekers broaden their horizons to include positions far from their home town, and human resources departments try to deal with the deluge of job applications brought on by the recession, telephone interviews have become much more popular. Here are some telephone interview tips that will help you get your foot in the door – and keep it there.  Although this is a guide to help you prepare for a phone interview, you’ll discover some handy job interview tips that will help you, whether you’re on the phone or not. [Read more…]

How to Use an Informational Interview to Get Hired

There’s a lot of great job interview advice that’s available when you’re looking to get hired, but for those who are looking for a new job, sometimes the best advice isn’t conventional. One example of the less common advice involves looking into less common job interview techniques and options like the informational interview. [Read more…]