5 Reasons Hiring Managers will not Read your Resume

So you have spent countless hours on your computer just to send out as many electronic resumes as you can. Or perhaps you have used up hundreds of sheets of paper to print out multiple copies of your application letter and resume. You have clearly done your best to reach out to those companies you think need your services. But still, not even one hiring manager has called you up to invite you for a job interview.

You may be wondering now what went wrong or what you missed in your resume for it to be taken for granted. The following are some of the most common reasons hiring managers ignore a resume: [Read more…]

Your Career Pathway and Your Career Advancement in the Future

Once you step out of secondary education, you can look forward to being independent, taking the next step to progress and searching for a career that best suits you. The secret is well, to kick-start your future then plan what to do before graduating from high school.

Career pathway is a program that will help you look for a career that best fits your way of living and your interests. It shall then pave the way for you to identify academic courses that is parallel to the career that you will land into as you venture into a career pathway program. [Read more…]

What Employers Should Know About Employee Career Advancement

Do you think it is possible that workers of today will put more importance to the opportunity for them to advance in their career than to receive more compensation? Well this turns out to be the case. While we all hear people complaining about how low their salaries are and how much they really want a raise, it all comes down to getting the opportunity to grow, develop, and achieve career advancement.

This trend is very good and positive for employers, especially for businesses that prefer to promote people from within their own companies as this method is proven to be more effective and inexpensive. Bonuses and salary raises are usually not the topic in the offering table these days. Actually, even starting salaries have decreased significantly over the years. However, there is something that employers should not forget to offer their employees and new hires – the chance to move up the corporate ladder despite their low starting salary. [Read more…]

Tips for a Successful Midlife Career Transition

If you are so bored with your current career and you are seriously thinking of making some changes in your life, it is very likely that you will also begin looking at other jobs or careers. There is actually nothing wrong with deciding to change career even if you are at the midpoint of your life. But one thing that you should not do is to rush your career transition. Life and career planning experts explain that it is very critical that you go for a quick fix to your boredom in your job. You must take the time to do some research and even consultation with friends and family regarding your plan to switch careers or jobs. Below are some tips you can use as you get started in planning your career change.

Know your needs and priorities. Who are you exactly and what are you really looking for in your life? These are very simple questions, yet are the hardest ones to answer. If you have always been successful in your life, you may find it difficult to be in a situation where you are confused and you don’t know what the right decision is to make. As you decide to change careers, you need to be ready to spend time asking yourself about what it is that will make your life worth living. This should inspire you as you search for the new career path to take. [Read more…]

Top 5 Tips on Creating Your LinkedIn Profile

1. Do Not Skimp on Your Photo. Your LinkedIn profile is in essence your online CV or resume, so your photograph in it should indicate professionalism. The very first thing that a browser sees upon hitting your page is your photograph. LinkedIn users prefer to see a clear head shot taken by a professional photographer if possible. Don’t think of your LinkedIn profile like your Facebook page where you can put just any photo on.

2. Mind the Keywords. The search algorithm for LinkedIn is basically the same as that of Google. In order to make sure that your profile is seen via the search function, it is vital that you use exactly what keywords you want to be associated with in your profile. You should add the keywords in your headline, in your previous and current employment information, as well as in your personal summary. If you want to be discovered in a certain field or category, be sure to use the exact words or phrase a couple of times all through your profile, but without keyword stuffing your profile. [Read more…]

Resume Samples and Templates Vs Resume and Career Services

With the advent of the internet, people have gained access to a huge amount of information and resources online. In fact, there seems to be nothing that you will not find or learn about by using the internet. This is good, actually, but not all the time. In writing a resume, for instance, many people tend to use free online resume templates instead of perhaps paying for resume and career services. The problem with using such sample CVs is that they are usually not the perfect fit for every person’s credentials. Let me tell you some other reasons why you should not rely on the free CV samples or templates you find online. [Read more…]

Resume and Career Services: Choosing a Career in Fitness and Sports

Finding a great career in the exercise, fitness and sports industries has become more complicated these days. As you search for the possible careers to pursue in such fields, you will realize that there are now a lot more options in different exciting areas. If you consult an expert from resume and career services, you will be given a long list of possible careers to pursue, such as in sport marketing, coaching, sport promotion, sports medicine, athletic administration, and a lot more.

A career in arena of sports and fitness can be extremely rewarding, especially for those who are enthusiastic about them. But if this is what you are willing to pursue, the question is exactly which field should you choose? For instance, even when you are already decided that you want to have a job in line with coaching or teaching sport, you still have to make up your mind as to whether you are going to be a physical education teacher, a sport instructor, or perhaps an instructor for people with disabilities. [Read more…]

Career Pathways Can Help You Turn Your Passion into a Career

Do you ever wonder how it would feel like to have a job that you don’t consider as work? Won’t it be cool to have a job that can make you feel you’re just doing your hobby? Ideally, you must choose a career that is in line with what you are passionate about. This is easier said than done, however. But by planning your career pathways even when you were still attending school, this would be much easier to achieve. What you are about to read here can help you turn your boring job or career into something you can enjoy fully. Here are the tips you can use to make some changes in your career.

1. Always believe that every difficulty comes with a lot of opportunities.

The worst thing you can do to yourself is to have a bad attitude. Of course it is too easy to get frustrated and hopeless when adversities come your way. But it is important that you become the biggest fan of yourself. You need to know how you can fire yourself up and listen to the voice within you. Always keep your eye open to what opportunities your challenges now are presenting to you. [Read more…]

Steps for Developing Career Pathways

Career pathways is a valuable program that is designed to help students get ready for a certain career that they are interested in. Through the use of brochures, planners, and presentations, children are made to choose a specific career from different career fields or clusters. They also go through different levels to help them determine which career path they should pursue.

As a working individual, there are benefits that you may also gain from using a career pathway. As a matter of fact, you need to have or design your own pathway if you want to promote your own career growth by making yourself qualified for several jobs within your pathway. Don’t get too overwhelmed by this because through adequate planning, a lot of initiative and some luck, you will surely be able to control your career and the direction it may be heading to.

Here is what you should do: [Read more…]

Shocking Truth about Job Hunting, Resume and Career Services

As a job seeker, you must have been warned several times by your seniors about the challenges that you will be facing as you search for your first job. It is possible also that you have done your own research about the techniques you can use to ensure that you will be hired in no time. Although it would really help if you gather all those facts, information, and tips from other people, there is still no guarantee that they will work to your favor. Even if you work with people offering resume and career services, you will be told that you can never be sure that your job hunting strategies will work. Nevertheless, you would surely want to know everything that may or may not happen as you look for a job.

Explained below are some facts about job searching that you may find shocking. Knowing these will help you change your strategy a bit, which could result in you finding a suitable job very soon. [Read more…]

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