Be A Leader in YOUR Life! Build Self-Confidence

Be A Leader in YOUR Life!  Build Self-Confidence

Welcome to Up Your Game Radio, an insider’s guide to your life.

“The hardest victory is over self.”  ~Aristotle~

Join us where we answer the questions:

Do you want to learn to shape or influence the world around you?

Do you want to seize new opportunities?

Get people to follow you out of respect and commitment rather than fear?

Leadership is not just a title; leadership is a skill.  Anyone at any level can learn to be a leader and help  shape or influence the world around them.

Tune in and transform yourself into an extraordinary leader.

No other show or show hosts will give you this type of opportunity to tap into your power, and become the CEO of your life, personally and professionally

To become a successful CEO of your life you must be strategic and a visionary about your life goals.

  • Move from getting ready to live to really living
  • Find work that is a calling
  • Find new paths in your future
  • Look for your best choices
  • Live your life on the edge of your possibilities

Radio Hosts, Cecile Peterkin and Ana Paret believe you are the CEO of your life. They help people take full responsibility for all aspects of their life, and manage every detail. Up your Game Radio enables us to motivate you to live your life on the edge of your possibilities and find new paths into your future. Up your Game!

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