How Ready Are You to Run Your Own Business?

You see many of your colleagues jumping into entrepreneurship and decided that it’s time you started your own small business as well. Great thinking there! But as you go on planning your business, you must be finding that running a business isn’t as easy as you expected. If you are just considering the idea of being an entrepreneur as an alternative to being an employee, or perhaps you feel this path will give you more financial security, then you should know first if you really have what it takes to successfully run a business.

Answering these questions will help you decide if the entrepreneurial route is what you must pursue. [Read more…]

Tips on Keeping Yourself Motivated at Work

No other person can keep you motivated than yourself. If you are reading this post hoping that you will find here a solution to your problems at work, you are mistaken. My intention in writing this article is to share with you some tips on how you can keep yourself motivated at work.

#1 Take short breaks for every hour of work.

Taking 10 minute breaks every hour will [Read more…]

Leadership is a Critical Skill for Career Advancement

Leadership is one of the most valuable skills any individual should possess, especially for those who want to excel in the workplace. There are those who seem to be born leaders, while others have to work harder to develop their leadership skills. It actually doesn’t matter how you become a leader. What’s important is that you further enhance your leadership qualities for you to not only effect good changes in your workplace, but to open up more and better opportunities for your own career. [Read more…]

How Important Is Career Planning?

Long term career planning is essential if you want to consistently make good decisions about your job and your professional life as a whole throughout your career. If you are certain about the path you want your career to take, then an effective and well thought-out career plan is what will help you identify the steps you should take to get you there. Also, having concrete career pathways will let you come up with a timetable for reaching your career goals. [Read more…]

How to succeed in Life and Work

Do you sometimes wonder why some people succeed even in the most difficult circumstances in their lives while other just don’t seem to know what hit them and how to run their lives? Well, the one thing that all successful people would tell you is that success isn’t something you can just hope for and wait for; it is something you would hard for and cultivate.

Whether you are just starting in your new job, a business of your own, or even in your relationship, use these tips to help you move towards the right career pathways until you reach success. [Read more…]

Tammy Washington, Transformational Speaker, Coach & Author

Tammy Washington, Transformational Speaker, Coach and Author, is dedicated to helping you NAIL your dreams.   As the author of the new book “Nailed It!  Be It, Do It, Achieve It!” Tammy has always had a passion for seeking all that life has to offer and bringing others along the way.  Certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Transformational Leadership, she gives straight-forward yet fun advice to take  you to your next level.    [Read more…]

Job Search Strategies for Professional Immigrants to Canada

Join us as we host a panel discussion on Job Search Strategies for Professional Immigrants to Canada.

Our goal during our discussion is to teach you the tools and processes needed for Professional Immigrants to Canada to implement on in Canada.

Our esteemed panelists for this discussion include:

[Read more…]

The Top 5 Features which Make for the Perfect Job

Submission by Sarah Clarke

What would make a perfect job? There are probably as many answers for this question as there are working people on this planet. However, we may be able to come up with some things which figure on most people’s list of ideal job. These factors constitute the most enjoyable, satisfying and rewarding professional experience. So what are these factors? [Read more…]

Stacy Swearengen-Military Spouse Portable Career Planning

Join us for an informative hour with our special guest will be Stacy Swearengen.  Stacy is a Certified Career, Education and Adult Learning Coach, and helps military spouses turn passion into portable careers. As the wife of an Active Duty soldier, Stacy designed Military Spouse Portable Career Planning, LLC to meet the career and educational needs of today’s military spouses. [Read more…]

Resume Development Teleseminar

Learn Powerful Tips and Strategies to create an Effective Resume. Become visible to Hiring Managers!


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