Career Planning On the Things That May Be Hindering Your Promotion

You have been doing well at your job and you have always been a loyal employee to the company for years. But in terms of getting promoted, you wonder why you are never part of the final selection. Although it is reasonable for you to feel angry every time you are ignored for promotion, you should not let your feelings stop you from scrutinizing yourself and the culture in your workplace. By determining the potential barriers or hindrances to your promotion, you will be able to come up with a plan on how you are going to make yourself a lot more visible and valuable to your superiors.

It is not enough that you desire to get promoted. You should include in your career planning everything that has to do with having a higher position in the company. If you are told that you need to improve your skills, you have to be open to getting further training once again. Below are some of the most common issues that employees usually deal with when it comes to getting a job promotion.


While it is true that bragging is something that many people dislike, it may be necessary for you to do some sort of self-promotion if you are serious about rising in the company ranks. Companies are very likely to give promotion to the people who they notice and hear about a lot. If you don’t have a positive presence, you will have a very small chance of getting the promotion regardless of how well you are performing.


Your character and personality play a very important role in your potential to get promoted. Managers love promoting people who are enthusiastic about their work and who are easy to get along with. Having too many complaints will not help your chances in any way. It is also important that you show that you can resolve any issues on your own.


Being good at what you do is not always enough to be promoted. Managers prefer those employees who show work ethic, ability, and initiative to move up to the next level. You could consider working long hours if you really want to impress your boss. Try to do things beyond your own assigned tasks as well, but be careful not to look too aggressive.


If you feel that you have tried and done everything to secure that promotion, and have yet to receive any reward, then you could seek help from a professional career mentor. Mentors are excellent at career planning and also have the knowledge and the expertise that will help you determine what you still need to improve in order to be considered for a promotion.




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