Career Pathways: Strategies for Moving Up the Corporate Ladder


Being promoted to a more senior position in the company is not automatic for every employee. In the past, workers were able to progress along their specific career pathways throughout their careers. However, with the advent of modern technology, flat organizational structures, and globalization, that paradigm has been changed. Right now, it is up to the employees to develop and manage what their career paths should be. It should also be remembered that promotions are not necessarily an upward path. It may sound unbelievable, but in terms of promotions, particularly in the business environment that we have today, you may have to make your own move to put yourself into a position where you can have an upward move.

So what does it take to develop an effective promotion plan? Here are some strategies you can put to use:

1. Build Mentoring Relationships

Studies show that those employees who work with a mentor are more likely to succeed in getting promotions. Many companies offer formal mentoring or executive coaching programs to their employees. If your does not, well there are many other ways you can actually build a good professional relationship with anyone with a higher position within your company.

2. Detail Past Successes

Although promotions are not solely based on your previous performance, you may still show that you are deserving of the promotion by quantifying the results of your past performance. You should have a record of everything that you do to enhance the bottom line of the company. Prove also that you have been innovative and creative enough to put your department or the company in a good light, and that you have always been committed and loyal to the organization.

3. Acquire New Skills and Knowledge

Needless to say, expanding your skill sets and your knowledge is one of the best ways you can succeed in getting promoted. Especially in a work environment that is highly modernized and technological, you should definitely be marketable. Aside from being current with the news and events within your industry, you should also pay attention to what’s happening around your field.

4. Build a Professional Network

Remember that if many people know you personally and professionally, including your abilities and strengths, you become more likely to be considered to fill in an executive position in the company. By building a strong network of professional, you also get to learn more about the different organizations in your company. Networking is very important not only as you begin your career pathways, but also as you try to emerge as one of the best people in an organization.


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