"I absolutely believe that people,
unless coached, never reach their
maximum capabilities."

Bob Nardelli, former CEO, Home Depot


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What is Executive Coaching?

Nothing could be more complex than the task of leadership. Considering how fast-paced our marketplace right now is, it is crucial for executives to be able to adapt to these changes quickly. It is also typical nowadays for jobs to change according to the changes in different business cycles. It is imperative for business executives to achieve results through others, supervising numerous and continuous initiatives for change matrixed across a multitude of disciplines, cultures and time zones. Through executive coaching, leaders are made to understand and effectively deal with their extremely demanding environment.

According to research, 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies are currently utilizing executive coaches as a standard leadership development strategy for young, mid-level, and even senior executives. This is an investment that promises a return that has been estimated to be more than 500 percent in most cases. This is, of course, not to mention all the intangible benefits it comes with.

So, as your executive coach, how am I going to help you? Below are the steps we will take together:

  1. Assess at which point in your career you are now, in short, your point of departure.

  2. Create a career pathways or roadmap, which we will use as a guide – your point of arrival. Keep in mind that career paths or roadmaps are mere intentions of where you want to be. It will always be the circumstances and your fate that will determine whether or not you are to reach your destination. Nevertheless, it would still help if you have a picture of what your destination is. Having a career path is essential.

  3. Assess your weaknesses and strengths in relation to how you are going to reach your destination. We will also establish milestones and checkpoints along the way.

  4. Set concrete development and operational goals until you achieve every single milestone.

  5. Discuss what challenges and obstacles are actually stopping you from getting to your next milestone, and develop strategies that will enable you to overcome them all.

  6. Re-evaluate your goals or objectives after every milestone you reach. Are they still realistic? Have there been any changes in your aspirations and circumstances? A rigid roadmap could easily become a millstone, which we should try to make flexible enough for you to grow and be better in your craft.


We should do all this in a series of one-on-one interactions in a timeline and format conducive to you.

Your executive career will shape not only your own life, but also the lives of your subordinates, colleagues, and even your loved ones. I really hope that you give it a serious thought. I am looking forward to meeting you and working with you to guide you as you try to reach your goals in life.

Shane Joseph