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How to Analyze What You Want Before Setting Your Goals

Join us on Up Your Game Radio with life coach Julie Starr!  Julie will be discussing the importance of analyzing what you want before setting your goals.

Julie Starr is a life coach and the founder of Possibility Life Coaching for Women.  Julie is a graduate of Coach U’s 3 year coach training program where she mastered the art of motivating others to live their best life. [Read more…]

Tips for creating a Leadership Resume

Employers and hiring managers are not known to have the time and patience to go through stacks of CVs or resumes in detail. In fact, around 20 seconds is all they need to glance over an applicant’s resume. They also know what to look for, and when they don’t find what they want in your resume, you won’t get any chance of getting called. With that said, you would understand the importance of putting the right details in your resume for it to be noticed. [Read more…]

Networking that’s actually FUN

Are you afraid of Networking?

Does the prospect of Networking make you nervous?

Join us on Up Your Game Radio, and learn how to make Networking FUN with Networking Mentor, Marsha Shandur

Marsha Shandur is a Networking Mentor. Through her business Yes Yes Marsha, she helps coaches, freelancers and entrepreneurs boost their visibility and get discovered by their dream clients, by showing them how to get noticed by, and build genuine relationships with key players in their industry. [Read more…]

How to Bring Out the Best in your Employees

Several reliable surveys have revealed very surprising facts regarding the way employees today feel about their jobs. Apparently, more than half of the interviewed workers stated that they plan to leave their jobs once they see an improvement in the economy. It was found out also that most employees in the workplace are not happy with their jobs. Simply put, it’s too obvious that most of the employees of today are just unmotivated in the workplace, and unfortunately for employers, this costs them billions of dollars a year. [Read more…]

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