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The Good Side of Organizational Mentoring Programs

At first glance, it is easy to recognize the benefits of mentoring programs to employees. Basically, with a mentor, it becomes easier for employees to figure out the right things to do because they are exposed to senior employees who know how to do things right. As a result, employees become more effective and satisfied at work. While the benefits of mentoring to workers are obvious, what can it do to the organization as a whole? [Read more…]

Business Lunch Etiquette by Adeodata Czink

A business lunch is an excellent way to meet and connect with prospective or current clients. I believe lunch is much better than dinner because it is faster, cheaper, and it does not cut into evening time that may be reserved for family or friends.

When you invite someone to lunch, it’s your responsibility to choose the restaurant so have a couple of good establishments already in mind. Ask about your client’s like and dislikes and select the restaurant that best matches them. Have the address and phone number of the restaurants handy when you make the invitation so that you can give them to your guest. Let her know what you want to discuss over lunch so that she can come prepared. [Read more…]

How Is Being a Working Mother a Good Thing?

The workplace didn’t use to be a pleasant environment for working women like me, but as time went by, the world has become more open to the idea of letting mothers have a career. Needless to say, this is an important change that every woman should take advantage of. In fact, some mothers even think that being a working mom has several advantages for them and their kids as well.

Let me share with you what I think are the good reasons every mother should have a career, which is based on my personal experience as a working mother

[Read more…]

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