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Five Effective Interview Questions for Hiring Managers

While it is usually very easy for hiring managers to determine just what the wrong questions to ask during an interview are it can be much harder for them to come up with the right ones. Asking effective interview questions is a skill that every great hiring manager has to possess though, as a resume only ever tells half of a candidate’s story. Here are five great questions that can help a hiring manager get a much clearer picture of who the person sitting across from them really is and how suitable they might be for the position they are applying for: [Read more…]

New Online E-Learning Training System at Cosmic Coaching Centre

Toronto, Ontario – April 30th, 2012 – Canadian Certificate in Workplace Fundamentals (CCWF) is the edge needed for more than half a million individuals re-entering the workforce.  CCWF is Work Canada Now’s flagship professional development course, which is designed to update basic business skills.  WCN is an online e-learning training system based in Canada and available worldwide.

The current suite also includes courses in Approaching The Marketplace and Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential (MAPP) Assessments.  Hiring managers and Human Resource professionals look for certain key elements within a resume – most importantly, valid Canadian work experience and business skills.  This is often a stumbling block for Students entering the workforce for the first time; Immigrants to Canada; individuals embarking on a job change; and for those re-entering the workforce after a long absence.  Wherever you are in your career path, the CCWF course is designed to assist in gaining the business acumen employers are looking for. [Read more…]

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