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The Creative Resume

I recently volunteered to review a client’s resume.   She was applying for a job at a large Financial Institution.  She had her artistic husband design a very creative resume, which showcased his graphic design skills.  The resume looked great, if she was applying for an artistic position.  You want your resume to be memorable and stand out from the others in the pack, but the design should match the position you are applying for and the company environment.

Unless you are applying for a very conventional job with a conventional employer who will not appreciate a creative resume, you want a job resume that will set you apart for the other individuals vying for the job.  You want a resume that is creatively smart and will best reflect your qualifications, giving you the opportunity to sell yourself to a potential employer. [Read more…]

Manage Yourself for the Career You Want

“Your past cannot be changed, but you can change tomorrow by your actions today.”
– David McNally

The career you want doesn’t drop in your lap prefabricated the way it used to be.  To have the career you want, you have to design and initiate your own path. In the past, on-the-job training was a popular means of creating the perfect employee.  Businesses had the time and resources to teach workers what they needed to know, in order to develop a career with their company.  Today, as companies are downsizing and restructuring to remain competitive, career-minded individuals must be that much better than others vying for the same position; and, they must be prepared to hit the ground running.  You have to go after the job you want. [Read more…]

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