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Your Body Language for a Successful Job Interview

Job Interview success depends on more than what you say.  What you do can also determine whether you become a new employee or another candidate steps out of the unemployment line.  Pay close attention to your body language, for a successful job interview.

Attention to Details

During the interview, the person(s) conducting the meeting will be looking, as well as listening.  Sometimes, what is not said speaks louder than the actual spoken words.  Therefore, it is extremely important to pay attention to the following details: [Read more…]

Finding a New Job Through Cold Calling

Today, no one disputes the fact that the job market is very tight.  Gone are the days when jobs were plentiful and opportunities practically dropped into a person’s lap. Now, it is the ambitious individual, with a tenacious proactive approach, that lands the coveted position. In fact, finding a job through cold calling is a classic example of making opportunities happen.

Cold Calling Career Tips

Some individuals have the mistaken impression that finding a new job through cold calling means opening the phone book to the business section and starting with the letter “A”.  Nothing can be farther from the truth.  For cold calling to be truly effective and ultimately result in gainful employment, there are certain career tips to follow: [Read more…]

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