Archives for April 2009

Career Change in an Economic Downturn

When a lot of the news about the economy is anything but positive, many people focus on making sure that there is stability in their lives. In an economic downturn, after all, there is ample stress about keeping the job that a person has – particularly in industries in which there are a number of cutbacks; it hardly seems like a great time to make a career change. [Read more…]

Career Resources – How to Survive a Job Loss

Given the situations that exist within the economy, more and more people are concerned that they will be facing a job loss. Despite the fact that being out of work can be a terrifying prospect – after all, so much relies on having a paycheck and even just the consistency of a schedule and routine – we all have career resources that we can rely on. The biggest challenge that many people have, however, is that they do not know how to identify the career resources that are available to them. [Read more…]

Career Tips – Is there a Bright Side to Job Loss?

With the current economic climate, more and more people are hearing the news and finding themselves concerned that they could be faced with job loss. On one hand, these individuals who are afraid of losing their jobs are looking for career tips that will help them to become invaluable in the office; on the other, however, there are some individuals who see job loss as a good thing. This latter group is often looking for career tips that will help them to change course. [Read more…]

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