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Individuals and employers — Looking for a place to fine-tune professional effectiveness, for yourself or those under your tutelage? You’re definitely in the right place.

If your goals include gaining clarity and setting strategies for the road ahead or how to ignite the fire within to it’s maximum brilliance. Then the time to start is now, right here.

Free, self-learning options
We provide a spectrum of hard-hitting, useful career information no matter where you are in the process. If you’re looking for a little bit of insight to tweak your current career success, then review our free information from blogs to ebooks written by Cecile Peterkin, nationally acclaimed, career coach veteran.  Also, join our Up Your Game radio show (see below) to learn from leading Management and Leadership Champions.

Pro options
For those determined that 2015 will be your year to excel, develop and reach that brass ring, then we have Bronze, Silver and Gold personalized one-on-one career coaching sessions. This is not a classroom with textbooks to study – this is hardcore, in-your-face coaching for those who are ready and willing to feel the burn.

Cosmic Coaching Centre has supported and expertly guided thousands to navigate change, whether it’s to uncover new career opportunities, develop confidence, assertiveness or renewal of life goals.

This is your time. We can help.

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